AmaULTIMATE is the most comprehensive support service we provide to our clients. It contains all the features of AmaLITE and AmaPREMIERE and following features.

Amazon SEO Optimization

Amazon Optimizations that get a 320% increase in sales in less than 1 day.  Amazon optimization encompasses much more than simply writing decent listing text. Because the Amazon ranking algorithm takes factors outside your listing text into consideration – such as CTR and conversion rate – successful Amazon SEO also includes optimization of those factors as well as pictures and keyword placement within your listing’s text.

Amazon SEO is all about increasing purchase likelihood. Our experts trace all of your listings and optimize them by adding the relevant keywords and search terms.

  • Good Amazon SEO Improves CTR
  • Conversion Rate Is an Important Factor of Amazon SEO
  • Sales – Important for Amazon Ranking and Also Optimizable
  • Amazon SEO Is Continuous

Amazon PPC Management

Our Goal is More Visitors.  More Conversions.  More Revenue. The Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform is a great opportunity to sell more products online. If properly created and managed, a PPC campaign on Amazon can help you sell more inventory faster, while increasing your organic rankings as well.

At this service, our experts create and/or manage your campaigns and keep them on track. Depending on your listing, the ideal ACoS rate is %18 or less. However, our target is definitely much less for each campaign. We will be keeping an eye of the campaigns every day, and optimize them depending on the market changes.

Top benefits of Amazon PPC Strategy

  • Top Rankings which will play a great role to rank your product in a short period of time
  • You Reach Buyers Not Viewers, relevant sponsored ads save their time as the product information appears alongside their targeted search
  • You pay for clicks, not impression; this is a unique feature of Amazon sponsored ads. You do not need to pay anything for the impression that your sponsor ad generates.
  • Global Reach; The products campaigned via PPC or sponsored posts get global visibility and impression. A single PPC campaign of your commodity will get a million of views just within a few seconds.
  • Measure your success; Amazon offers sponsored products reporting feature that helps the sellers to measure and optimize their PPC campaign.

Device-Friendly; Another advantage of Amazon’s PPC campaign is its device-friendly nature

International Expansion for Amazon Sellers

Entering other Amazon sites offers rewards in terms of how competitive you are, how well known your brand is, and how fast you can sell. You could be a pioneer on a new market. Your products will be seen by more customers with fewer competing offers, leading to higher profits for you. When it comes to global selling, you don’t want to be left behind.

Our International Expansion Package

Logistical challenges can make expansion into an international marketplace feel like a daunting task. Ama360 can take that burden off your shoulders. Here is what we take over from you:

Opening an account

Opening an Amazon account on the venue of your choice

Amazon fees

Explaining the Amazon fees on the new marketplace

Tax implications

Explaining local tax implications and registration processes (we’ve teamed up with Meridian Global Services to help with VAT issues)

Building VAT

Helping you build VAT into your pricing

Cost calculation

Offering a sample calculation of what a product in your inventory could cost you on the new marketplace

Getting permissions

Assist you in getting permission to sell in any restricted categories needed to expand your business.

Unlimited email support

You’ll also enjoy unlimited email support for any questions, and clarification during the setup process.

Setting banc account

Setting up an international bank account via one of our partners.

Help Reinstate Your Selling Privileges

If your selling privileges have been removed by Amazon for any reason, such as order issues, customer service complaints, UPC/ASIN match issues, or reported policy violations, they may be eligible for reinstatement by appeal. However, please be advised that we are not able to help if the account was suspended because of fraud issues or real counterfeit complaints

Here is how we can help you reinstate your selling privileges;

  • Determine Why you Were Suspended by Amazon
  • Evaluate Your Amazon Selling Practices
  • Checking Performance Metrics
  • Advising you on How to Draft a Plan of Action and an Appeal Letter for Amazon

Please be advised that getting reinstatement is not guaranteed however we have a high rate of success as long as account was not suspended because of fraud.

Amazon Vendor Express Management

Amazon Vendor Express is another way to see your products on Amazon. With Amazon Vendor Express, you can start selling your products to Amazon and expose them to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. Amazon buys products directly from you and handles shipping costs, merchandising, customer service, and customer returns. Our team will be managing your account and make sure you get the most profitable price.

Vendor Express requires that you own the intellectual property rights for the products you sell to Amazon. If you do not own these rights, your products may still be eligible for other Amazon programs, as long as your products do not violate any third party’s intellectual property rights

Benefits of Amazon Vendor Express;

  • Checking Performance Metrics
  • No annual charge to join or participate in the program.
  • Products appear to customers as Sold by Amazon.
  • Free shipping from your warehouse to Amazon or directly to Amazon customers.
  • Product storage and order handling.
  • A direct fulfillment option so that you can ship directly to Amazon customers with prepaid shipping.

Global Customer Service for your Amazon Business

While sellers try to focus on the products they offer for sale and on how to grow their online sales, one of the key aspects of running a successful business relates to customer support. As most of you already know, the higher your performance metrics are on Amazon, the better chance you have at increasing your profits and attracting even more customers.

What customers want is to feel that they are valued and respected. This means that when they want to purchase a certain product, they will look at your customer feedback. Customer satisfaction should come first regardless of the Amazon marketplace you sell on. Another crucial factor that determines your success rate on the marketplace is how Amazon notifications are dealt with, since this can give you insight into what needs fixing or improving in your business.

Our Customer Support Package

  • Here at Ama360, we’ve set up a multi-lingual customer support team whose members are fluent in English, Russian, German, Turkish, and Spanish. All email will be answered in the local language of the Amazon venue you’re selling on the minute it hits the inbox.
  • We handle all returns, refunds and discounts on behalf of your customers, so that you don’t have to worry about them. Acquiring this package does require that we talk with you beforehand to establish a common set of procedures, to be sure we follow your business practices.
  • Whenever you receive negative and neutral feedback, we handle them as soon as they become visible on your account. We work to resolve such feedback, and also work with Amazon to have feedback removed when appropriate.
  • We keep in touch with your customers at all times in order to check the status of your orders.
  • We keep a close eye on your seller account performance and we make sure that all your performance metrics are in check. From cancellation and A-to-Z rates, to ODR, you won’t have to worry about a single thing: our experienced team of customer support representatives will be constantly monitoring all these and more.

Deep Listing Optimization and Analysis

We also do optimization for newly listed or not listed listings and see if there is a missing data or any suggestion in order to get the best exposure and sales from the listing. Boost conversion rate, gain exposure, improve ranking, and gain a competitive advantage with Optimized sales copy and expert analysis. Here is what we do in detail:

Comprehensive Listing Analysis

We dive deep into your listing, if you have one, to identify any shortcomings (yes, your listing has issues, and we can fix them).

Extensive Niche & Keyword Analysis

We'll gain an understanding of what drives your audience, conduct key word and phrase research to identify buyer's terms, and deliver a framework for your listing to convert visitors to buyers. Both search term and PPC suggestions are included.

Image Analysis

We tell you precisely how to optimize your photos for maximum click thru from search. With our suggestion on how to improve your images (or even what specifically to replace them with if they need serious work) you'll take your listing to the next level.

Benefit Rich Bullets

Put visitors in the shoes of owning your product and you'll have customers for life

Three Titles Suggestions

Keyword-rich, attention-grabbing titles are provided in 3 variations, ready to be placed directly into your listing.

PPC Keywords

Get the key words and phrases you need to optimize your PPC campaigns.

Search Terms

Copy-paste right into Seller Central to get your product in front of the right audience at the right time

Pricing Analysis & Suggestions

You may not be priced for maximum net profit; try our suggested prices to maximize your product's long-term potential

Buy Box Analysis

This is probably one of the most important features for a listing. Our optimization will help you to win the buy box as soon as possible.

Review Analysis

Listing reviews are very important for ranking on the first page, and we will be giving all the effort to have your listing get some reviews by the customers.

Competitive Analysis

We dive deep into understanding your competitors' products and what they get right (and wrong)

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