AmaLITE is a service type that we provide to our clients. From Monitoring Amazon Account to Email Support, we help our clients success on their ecommerce experience.

Email Support

Amazon is the most complex website and ecommerce platform in the world, so you need support or have questions while selling your products on Amazon. You can ask any question regarding Amazon & its services via email with our “Email Support” and our experts will solve your issue in 24 hours. If your case requires additional time, as we may have to contact with Amazon itself; We will contact with you and solve the issue as soon as possible.

Local Services in CA

Our local services help you when you need an address, phone number or a real estate service etc. in California,USA. These services are free of charge and coming with AmaLITE package.

Monitor Amazon Account

Do you need somebody to handle performance notifications and monitor your Account Health on a daily basis?

Are you on the lookout for an expert who knows how to fight listing suspensions when they happen? Let Ama360’s Account monitoring service to do it for you. We will guide you away from risk, while maximizing account performance.

What the Amazon Account Monitoring Service Involves:

Peace of Mind

This service is meant to give you peace of mind, and save you resources better used in growing your business. This is what we can do on your behalf

Respond to notifications

Respond to all Amazon notifications to help keep you safe from account suspension, and prevent further warnings piling up against your account

Handling bad feedbacks

Handle negative or neutral feedback as soon as ratings appear (address buyer concerns, and work with them to remove unfavorable feedback, or work with Amazon to have feedback removed, when appropriate)

Watching performance

Keep a close eye on your overall seller account performance, and notify you when you’re getting close to reaching a dangerous limit with Amazon

Improve workflow

Give you suggestions on how to improve your workflow so you keep Account Health high and prevent warnings and notifications

Expert advices

Offer expert advice on any problem you may need help with regarding your Amazon business

There are clear benefits to our Amazon Account Monitoring package; being proactive about the warnings you get from Amazon can keep you safe from receiving a suspension notice. Working on your previous notifications can get listings for popular items back up again. You can have an expert monitoring your performance and handling the poor ratings on your transactions without breaking any Amazon rules. You’ll have our years of experience to rely on whenever you run into a problem you have never dealt with before, or that you’d rather have an expert opinion on before you act on it.

Up-to-Date with Amazon ToS Changes

Amazon’s terms of service has always been vague, and the policing has been lack luster. Amazon has been making many changes on its terms of services and it’s affecting many sellers. One day, you may have been ranked up the first page on Amazon and after the ToS changes, your listing can go down to second or third pages because of these policy updates if you dont act fast. We have been watching these changes & updates very closely and immediately let our clients to take appropriate actions before affecting them negatively.

Email Support
Real-Estate Services in CA
Monitor your Amazon Account
Amazon Business Coaching
Audit your Amazon Account
Amazon Listing Reinstatement
Meeting in person every 6 months*
Seller Feedback Enhancement
Product Review Improvement
Amazon SEO Optimization
Amazon PPC Management
International Expansion for Amazon Sellers
Help Reinstate Your Selling Privileges*
Amazon Vendor Express Management
Global Customer Service for your Amazon Business
Deep Listing Optimizations & Analysis
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